Saturday, May 9, 2015

Book Review - "Big Little Lies" by Liane Moriarty...oh and I joined a book club!

Earlier this spring, I decided to join, again....I went on a "cut unnecessary expenses rampage" a few years ago and Audible didn't make the cut.  I love audiobooks because it makes my time in the car so much more bearable.  I can't stand mindlessly flicking through radio stations!  

Anyway....back to this book.  It is set in a suburb in Australia and revolves around a death that occurred at a Parents' Trivia Night event at the elementary school.  The three main characters are moms of kindergarten students (hey, that's me!).  Madeline is the outspoken mom that is having trouble with the fact that she is turning 40.  Plus, her ex husband and his new yoga instructor wife just moved back into town and their daughters are in the same class!  Celeste is the stunningly gorgeous mom of twin boys who lives in a monstrous house on the beach and "seems" to have the perfect life.  Jane is the single mom of Ziggy who moves into town just before the school year begins.  Early in the book, Ziggy is accused of bullying a little girl.  Ziggy swears it wasn't him, but Jane starts to have her doubts.  

Without giving too much away, it all hinges on Jane and Ziggy's past.  This book clearly shows that while people's lives may look picture perfect on the outside, they live in an entangled web of secrets and lies that they even start believing themselves.  It deals with bullying, domestic violence, adultery, and other suburbia scandal.  While there is a lot of serious subject matter, the author manages to keep things light too. 

I highly recommend this book.  I found myself sitting in my car when I got somewhere to listen just a little longer!  It's captivating and you won't know what really happened until the very end...and trust me - you will be shocked!

Also - I joined the Beauty Blogger Book Club!  I found out about it on my Instabestie Heather's blog - Love To Be Busy.  Each month a member chooses a book and we write a review on our blogs and link the other members' reviews too.   This month we are reading "Where'd You Go Bernadette" by Maria Sample.  I'd never heard of this book, but the reviews on Amazon are great! 

If you are a blogger, and are interested in joining our book club, please comment below to learn more. If you do not write a blog that is ok, because you can still join in on the fun!  Each month, one of the Beauty Blogger Book Club (BBBC) members will choose a book for the Club to read. At the beginning of the following month, we each write a book report/summary for our readers to enjoy and share the book for the following month!!


  1. I might be the only person who hasn't read this book. I need to read it this summer! So glad to have you join book club!